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reliability327x340Our lifters are the backbone of our large range of lifting solutions. Designed and manufactured to be strong and reliable, these lifters are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and are the optimum choice for safety, efficiency and reliability. These key features in the product are achieved through intelligent design, adhering strictly to industry standards and subjecting all lifters to vigorous and well-documented test procedures before delivery. 

During lifting and handling operations, safety should always be the first priority. By using our lifters, you reduce the risk of back injury as well as other forms of injury sustained from manual lifting. To ensure operator safety, in regard to using the lifter, we of course adhere to all applicable industry standards and regulations. We conduct through risk evaluations and address the "what if"-scenarios that may lead to safety issues. We implement technical features such as safety clutches, overload protection, hold-to-run controls and emergency stops when applicable.
Finally, our factory testing procedures eliminate safety issues that might arise from assembly- or component errors.
In many lifting and handling operations, safety also applies to the load in addition to the operator. Some of our customers use our lifters for loads with values exceeding 100.000 €. In general, dropping or damaging a load due to failure of the lifting equipment is not acceptable to us; this is of course reflected in our product.

Our customers rely on our lifters. For instance, lifter supply machines and personnel with the materials needed during production. As such, the lifters become an essential part of the chain of production, making reliability a key issue. We live up to these expectations by implementing the following in all our products:customsolutions318x340

- We use only the highest quality components in our lifters. Quality is always the first priority in component selection with no compromises allowed.

- The lifters are dimensioned for a 20-year life expectancy assuming normal use (excluding wear and tear elements such as wheels and batteries).

- During design, calculations are made to ensure that all safety factors for strength exceed industry standards by a comfortable margin. Apart from the added user safety, this also ensures an added degree of reliability.

- We test everything rigorously before it leaves our facility. We document all tests with photos, video and checklists.
The parameters for lifting and handling operations vary widely. Loads vary in geometry and weight, the direction and type of manipulation varies depending on the task and doors, ceilings, machine parts and other obstructions often restrict access.

When we designed our lifters, we knew that in many circumstances a standard solution would not do. Therefore, we adopted a modular approach allowing for easy customization of all major dimension of our lifters. Apart from custom dimensions, we also deliver a wide variety of other options including stainless steel, waterproofing (IP65), ATEX directive compatibility and Electrostatic discharge (ESD).
With any custom solution, communication during the design phase is critical. We have many years of experience with this and have a standardized procedure to ensure the best possible result. See more on this and our custom solutions here.


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